The most influential person in my life is…

Dear Diary,

Hari ini ketika bersih2 tumpukan kertas2 Rere, secara tak sengaja saya menemukan selembar kertas yang ketika sepintas membaca judulnya, tangan saya langsung buru2 membatalkan niatnya untuk membuang kertas ini ke tong sampah. Ternyata, ini adalah karangan Rere beberapa waktu yang lalu. Walaupun belum selesai, tapi sangat berkesan untuk saya, mamanya. Berikut petikannya….


The most influential person in my life is my mum. Why? Because she cooks yummy food and she is sometimes smart to help me doing my homework. She is trusting and she is extremely funny.

My mum is sweet. She has black curly hair. She has brown eyes and she is tall as my grandmother. She is skinny. She is 31 year old. She is Indonesian and she likes to eat much.

In her spare time, she likes to play with me, cook, tidy the house, sweep the floor, go to facebook, chat with her friends, and watch. But when we are eating with my dad, at the end they talk together.

My mum likes everything quick. ……..


How sweet, darling! I love you so much… You’re my everything.


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