About ME

I am a happy mother who has lot lot of hobbies. I do love cooking and eating, reading, watching movies, traveling, shopping, doing housework (sure for this, except dish washing ;)), internet surfing, taking photos, writing, singing, swimming, playing piano, etc… etc. And this blog is my open repository that documented all stuffs related to my interest.



4 Responses to About ME

  1. nita says:

    uni dew, mau dun nge link, gmana caranya, aku pake blogspot

    • mairiza says:

      Boleh aja sih dilink. Tapi nggak tau juga caranya karena beda domain, satu wordpress, satu lagi blogspot. Coba tanya sama Ija yang lebih jago nge-blog ini.

  2. nita says:

    uni, kayaknya dah berhasil nge link nih…. tq yah…

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